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Why Find a Swimming Instructor When Learning to Swim?

Many people grow up having a family member or family friend try to teach them how to swim. And while many adults learned this way as kids, swimming, in fact, doesn’t come as naturally to many people. And through trial and error, people learn enough to keep them afloat and to ‘get by’. In order to become truly faster and to make more efficient progress, learning to swim correctly and safely, it makes the most sense to learn with someone that comes from an instructional swimming background.

A truly good swim teacher is invaluable; whether learning basic skills or training for a triathlon.

Our Instructors

Teaching and Coaching From Experience - About Our Coaches:

  • From teachers to competitive swimmers and coaches
  • Each class has a max ration of 4:1 students to swimming instructor (private lessons can be 1:1)
  • Apart from swimming instruction, they focus on basic water safety
  • Proven success with children ages 3+
  • Promote independence

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