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What You Need To Know When Beginning Adult Swim Classes

The First step in beginning adult swim classes at Excel Aquatics is for our instructors to get to know you and your goals for taking swimming lessons.

There are many reasons that adults never learned to swim, and believe us, there are many adults out there who do not know how to swim. However, not knowing how to swim or wanting to get better at swimming, is nothing to be ashamed of. We at Excel Swim want to help you learn to swim and be able to enjoy your time in and around the water as much as possible!

Keep in mind, we are in these classes for the same reasons, to learn to swim or improve upon the skills that we already have. As adults, learning to swim and improving on existing swimming skills does not have to be a stressful event. We learn together in small groups so that we can build confidence in the water in a safe environment.

If you are thinking about beginning adult swim lessons, here are a few things to consider.

Fear of the water can be overcome:

  • We work closely with you to develop confidence in the water
  • Small class sizes with certified, trained swim instructors ensure a safe learning environment.
  • Your safety and your comfort in the water are our main focus.

Learning to swim for the first time, or trying to learn again? You will always be learning at your own pace:

  • Tailored to you – beginners to experienced swimmers learn skills differently. We understand that and will always let you learn at your own pace.
  • We start with the basics, learn the basic skills needed to stay safe, and keep others safe in and around the water.
  • Once you have mastered one set of skills you will move onto the next set, you will never be forced to do something beyond your confidence or ability.

Improving upon existing skills:

  • A refresher can never hurt. Having had some swimming instruction in the past is great, but sometimes it can help to take a course to improve your proficiency in the water.
  • Learning to swim so you can use swimming as a form of exercise and develop a healthier lifestyle.
  • Refining your skills with the different swimming strokes can give you new and better ways to work out in a low-impact environment.

Beginning swim gear for adults:

  • Swimsuits – Find a comfortable suit that fits well, but is designed for swimming. Women, avoid strapless suits or suits with decorative items that could fall off. Men, find a suit that fits well but is comfortable, swim trunks or jammers will work just fine.
  • Goggles – Protection from chlorine and the ability to see underwater! Goggles should be close fitting around the eyes which when worn will create a tight seal that will not allow water in.
  • Swim Cap – Not a requirement but will help to protect your hair from chlorine and decrease friction in the water.
  • Ear plugs – Not a requirement, but will keep water out of your ears if that is something that may bother you

Thinking about competing? Triathlons?

  • More advanced swim programs are available for those seeking to swim competitively.
  • We offer both technical and Get FAST programs to help perfect your swimming technique and train for endurance.

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