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Tri Swim Practice 1/5

Excel Aquatics - Thursday, January 05, 2017

Happy New Year everyone! With Excel's Tri Swim sessions beginning in about 2 weeks, we wanted to post at least one more practice to get everyone in the groove leading up to the first week of practice!

WU-300 Fr (if you are comfortable with Backstroke, swim 100Fr/50Bk for the 300)


**For this set, the goal is to keep the 50s pull the same time and descend the 100s Freestyle 1-3. Do not start too fast on the 100s....give yourself something to descend down to :)

3x50 pull on rest :20

100 Fr on rest :15 (strong kick the last 25)

2x50 pull on rest :20

100 Fr on rest :15

50 pull on rest :20

100 Fr on rest :15


2 rounds of:

4x50 Fr descend 1-4 on rest :20

50 Fr pull EZ on rest :30

4x25 FAST on rest :15

50 Fr pull EZ on rest :30

100 Kick (board is optional)-focus on keeping steady rhythm with legs the entire 100

50 Fr pull EZ on rest :30

Total: 2000 + WD

Always remember the WHY-why you are swimming today, and what your goals are, both long at short term that you are looking to accomplish. 

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