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Tri Swim Practice #2

Excel Aquatics - Tuesday, December 27, 2016

As promised last week, here is another swim practice for all of our Triathlete Swimmers to help everyone stay in shape during the break!

WU-200 Fr swim/100 pull/100 Fr swim

6x50 Kick/Swim by 25 (kick may be single or double arm lead) on rest :15

8x25 on rest :20 alternate odds easy, evens fast

Primary set

Freestyle swim pyramid of 50-100-150-150-100-50 on rest :20 after each swim

**Goal is to count strokes on the first 50 and maintain same stroke count per 50 on all distances within set**

WD-200 alternate 50 pull/50 swim

Total: 1700 yards

**Please note that Frank B specifically asked for the kick set in warmup....otherwise it would have been a pull set :)

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