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Swim Training Programs At Excel Aquatics

The key to competition swimming is proper training! - Swim Better, Swim Faster

Swimming is a great way to exercise but it is also a great outlet for competition on both an individual and team level. Introducing young athletes to the world of competitive swimming can be the next step after having progressed beyond pre-competitive swim lessons.

The swim training programs at Excel Aquatics are designed to continue developing the skills necessary for competition while in a safe and supportive environment. Here, younger swimmers can get a feel for the competitive atmosphere without the commitment of joining a full team. As we bring competition into the routine we continue to refine our swim techniques and workouts for a more competitive level of swimming. This way your children will be in the water continuing to exercise and learn while getting additional swim training lessons. This training presents the perfect opportunity for a young athlete to determine if competitive swimming is something they want to pursue. We really hope they do!

Stroke Training

Practice makes perfect, something all athletes will attest to. At Excel Aquatics we understand that technique is very important which is why it is a major focus of our swim training program. Our small, personalized classes are designed to help develop the swim strokes used in competition. We keep to this personalized environment so swimmers can get the most out of their instruction and learn at their own pace.

We focus on the 4 competitive strokes:

  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly

Understanding and performing the strokes and techniques alone is not enough to swim competitively. Once in the water, competitive swimmers will not only need to go the distance, they will want to be able to keep pace. Which is why we incorporate speed and endurance activities. Young swimmers will get a taste for the training and workouts involved in competitive swimming.


As with any swimming skill our students learn, breathing is one that will improve with proper training. We work with our swimmers to become comfortable breathing while swimming. This will help a swimmer’s movement become more fluid coordinated as they swim the length of the pool. As we train we will have swimmers practice breathing out of their nose and mouth while their head is underwater then lifting their head to the side to take a full breath. As the breathing technique is perfected we will work on timing breathing with successive strokes.

Turn Training

Competitive swimming involves much more than just being able to power through the water, pacing and timing come into play and can be a critical part of a race, especially when it comes to making turns. During training sessions, competitive turn development will begin as stroke techniques are improved and swimmers are ready to begin learning the different turn techniques.

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