Remote Swim Coaching

Looking to optimize your individual training outside of structured practices? Excel is proud to offer our Remote Swim Coaching Program! In this program, athletes work directly with an Excel swim coach, who guides them through training on a practice by practice basis. This program is intended to bridge the gap between athletes training between weekly Get FAST and Technical practices, and training on their own. Please note that each coach has a limited number of athletes that they work with-this ensures that every athlete is being coached with the right amount of attention and detail. Applications are currently being accepted, 

Benefits of Excel’s Remote Swim Coaching Program

Convenience of Training, and Training Correctly:
Our program is designed for those who are looking to enhance their swim training, but may not have the time to train regularly with Excel, or a local program. With Excel’s Remote Swim Coaching Program, you can train on a consistent basis, but on your own time, and with the expertise of an Excel coach.

Trackable Progress with Proven Training Methods:
Our goal is to provide each athlete with the same high performance training that we use at Excel on site practices, but enhance the effectiveness by tracking the metrics of each practice to better structure the athlete’s training, and see tangible improvement. Athletes share their metrics (Garmin Connect) with their coach after EVERY practice, allowing the coach to maximize each practice as a proper building block towards the primary goal. 

Personalized Swim Practices:
Each practice is specific to the athlete, with intervals, focuses, drills, and paces meant to optimize time spent in the pool. Tools such as pace cards, tempo trainers, and snorkels are strategically integrated into each athlete’s coaching plan.

Digital Communication with your Coach:
Unlimited communication with your coach online is not only offered, but encouraged. Coaches not only look at the data of each practice, but also make adjustments based on feedback from the athlete. Additionally, we want each practice to be optimized, so questions are always welcome!

Month to Month Pricing:
We offer month to month pricing of $99/month. No long term obligations or contracts.

Meet Your Coaches

Coach Kevin

Coach Kiersten