Summer Weekday Lessons

Since 2012, Excel Aquatics has taught hundreds of children their summer swimming lessons throughout the Capitol Region. Each Summer, Excel offers our weekday Fast Track morning lessons in the Capital Region. With small class sizes and expert instruction, there is no better way for your child to beat the heat and have FUN learning to swim!

Fast Track Swim Program

What is a Fast Track Program?

A Fast Track Swim Program is where swimmers have a lesson once per day for 4-5 weekdays in a row. The consistency of multiple summer swimming lessons in a small, single week time frame allows for faster progress and more fun for your swimmers!

Program Information:

Registration opens June 10th

Where: Siena College in Loudonville, NY
When: Summer 2019
Dates: Week 1: July 15th-18th
Week 2: July 22nd-25th
**Classes held at 8:15am, 8:50am, and 9:25am
Pricing: Group: $85
Private: $195

Lessons are 30 minutes in length, with no more than 4 students per class. Private lessons are available upon request. No make up lessons are available at this time.

Group 1: Water Comfort

Group 1 is the first level without parental involvement. The main focus is water comfort, while learning in a group setting, trusting instructors and developing a respect for the water. Specific skills covered are:

  • Independent underwater submersion
  • Introduction to kicking, floating, and scooping

Group 2: Floating and Kicking

In Group 2, children are comfortable in the water and are able to listen in learn in a group setting. The emphasis in Group 2 is developing independence in the water, with the fundamentals of floating and kicking introduced. Specific skills covered are:

  • Kicking with assistance
  • Superman glide off wall
  • Independent back float
  • Continuation of kicking, floating, and scooping

Group 3: Kicking and Independence

In Group 3, children are comfortable floating independently. The emphasis of Group 3 is the fundamentals of kicking both on the front and back, independently, along with the basics of independent swimming. Specific skills covered are:

  • Independent front kick
  • Independent back kick
  • Independent scoops for 10 ft

Group 4: Freestyle Basics and Kick

In Group 4, children will continue to develop their kicking skills, and learn the basics of Freestyle pulling movements with their faces in the water. Skills covered are:

Group 5: Freestyle Breathing and Backstroke

In Group 5, children will continue to expand on their skill set of Freestyle by learning rotary breathing, proper arm pulls, and timing of the breath, as well as be introduced to basic Backstroke. Skills covered are:

  • Freestyle-arms and breathing basics
  • Independent scoops for 50 ft
  • Introduction to Backstroke II

Group 6: Competitive Freestyle and Backstroke

In Group 6, children will complete the basic progression of independent Freestyle swimming, and will also continue basic Backstroke. Skills covered are:

  • Competitive Freestyle-75 ft
  • Competitive Backstroke-75 ft

Group 7: Advanced Freestyle & Backstroke with Basic Breaststroke

In Group 7, children will begin the progression of Breaststroke, while continuing their mastery of Freestyle and Backstroke. Skills covered are:

  • Competitive Freestyle-25+ yds
  • Competitive Backstroke-25+ yds
  • Introduction to Breaststroke kick
  • Flipturn introduction


Private lessons are guaranteed 1:1 lessons for those looking for more individualized instruction. Typically swimmers will be taught per the Excel curriculum, but may also deviate based on the goals for the swimmer, and may be discussed with the site supervisor and instructor at the time of the lesson.