COVID-19 At Home Lessons Safety Protocol

This overview is a summary of the safety standards and programming procedures that Excel Aquatics will implement when we officially begin at home swim lessons. These will focus around the use of PPE, social distancing, disinfecting and other preventative measures as recommended by NYS and the CDC.  It is subject to change based on updated information and recommendations from local, state, and federal authorities.

**Updated 6/16**

In water: Instructors will be provided with face shields to be worn during lessons. The CDC recommends that face masks are not worn in the water due to potential breathing issues.

Out of water:  Upon arrival at the customer’s home, instructors shall wear either a face mask or face shield (some sort of protective gear) covering the mouth/nose area when entering and exiting the premises.

Instructors will now have equipment available for lessons that shall be sanitized after each class. Use of equipment is at the discretion of each family.

For any family interested in having their own equipment similar to what Excel uses, you can find the list for purchase by clicking the links below:



Entry and exit to and from the pool premise shall remain outside of the customer’s home whenever possible. With the exception of during the in water portion of the lesson, social distancing practices of 6 feet or more shall be implemented between the staff member and customer(s). Families are encouraged to observe lessons from an appropriate distance based on social distancing standards.

Antibacterial sanitizer is provided to each staff member that shall be used before and after each lesson. Instructors will also be provided with antibacterial wipes, and any equipment used at customers’ home shall be wiped down as well.

Staff: Instructors shall monitor their health. Any signs and symptoms of illness shall be reported immediately, communicated with families, and a 10 day incubation period shall commence. 

Families: For any case or signs/symptoms of COVID-19, families are asked to please alert Excel staff immediately. A minimum 10 day suspension of lessons at the premise will commence, and be re-evaluated after the 10 day incubation period. 

*Temperature checks will not be monitored for swimmers or parents. We are relying on families to communicate if they have any symptoms.*

We will now only accept credit/debit card payments using our secure online form HERE. To limit the transfer of potential germs, we will not be accepting cash or checks this summer.

The safety of both the staff and families is the highest priority, so please be patient, kind, and understanding as we navigate through this new phase of learning!