COVID-19 Learn to Swim Safety Protocol

This overview is a summary of the safety standards and programming procedures that Excel Aquatics is implementing for our on site Children’s Swim Lessons. These will focus around the use of PPE, social distancing, disinfecting and other preventative measures as recommended by NYS and the CDC.  It is subject to change based on updated information and recommendations from local, state, and federal authorities.

1. Swimmer arrival
a. Face coverings are optional as of 3/15/22
b. Swimmers must have suits on prior to entry, as we do not have access to locker rooms at this time
c. Entrance and exit will be strictly from the loading dock
d. Swimmer with Parent/Guardian will be asked to enter no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of their lessons.

2. Entry to check in
a. Swimmer with Parent/Guardian enter one at a time checked in by a staff member. All must maintain social distancing
b. Swimmer and Parent/Guardian will answer the following questions upon arrival
         i. Are you experiencing any COVID symptoms, including, cough, fever, or
sore throat?
     ii. Are you taking any fever reducing medications?
     iv. If Swimmer and Parent/Guardian answers ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, they will not be
allowed to enter the facility
c. Swimmer with Parent/Guardian will then be assigned an unoccupied designated pair of clean chairs 

3. Start of lesson
a. Once signaled by the coaching staff, swimmers may take their face coverings off
and move towards their designated lane space with their instructor. In water instructors shall wear face shields (as recommended by the CDC) during the lessons.

4. End of lesson
a. Swimmers will be instructed to exit the pool and head back to their chairs with their parent/guardian, where they will dry off, put their clothes/face coverings back on, and exit the premises via the loading dock
b. Social distancing must be maintained and enforced as families leave the

● Facility restrooms/locker rooms are off limits and will only be used in an emergency.
● Families will enter/exit the facility with appropriate facial coverings. Coaching staff will
enter, coach, and exit facility with appropriate face coverings
● Families will only be allowed to enter 10 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled
practice time. 
● For adult swimmers, no guests/spectators allowed
● No congregating before or after practice. This includes in the facility and in the parking
● Swimmers must arrive already in their suits, and leave in their suits.
● No shared training equipment; at this time athletes are not permitted to bring equipment
bags with them. Only suit, swim goggles, caps will be used for practices.
● Any swimmer feeling ill during practice will be sent home
● Any schedule changes/news that come as a result of changes in state/county regulations, Saint Rose regulations, or a potential exposure will be sent out immediately via email, so please check your email daily prior to coming to practice.

 COVID Liaison
● Excel Aquatics’ liaison is Program Director Kevin Kearney. Kevin can be reached at
[email protected]
● Staff and athletes must self report to the COVID liaison if they either test positive or were
exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the last 10 days
● The COVID liaison will notify local health authorities of positive cases. The liaison will
also notify staff, athletes, and facilities of potential exposures while maintaining
confidentiality in accordance with local and state laws.

The safety of both the staff and families is the highest priority, so please be patient, kind, and understanding as we navigate through this new phase of learning!