11/28-practicing by definition

According to Google Dictionary:
Practice (verb)-perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one’s proficiency

Today let’s make sure that the practice is focused on improving two aspects of your swimming. This could be technical, time based, attitude, etc, but set two goals, execute, and enjoy 🙂

WU- 4x (100 Fr/25 kick on rest :20)

3×100 as 50 favorite drill/50 full stroke on rest :30
2×100 as 50 perfect Freestyle (slow and controlled)/50 build on rest :30
1×100 Fr negative split on rest :30

Primary (2 rounds)
**Take 20 seconds rest after each swim in the first portion of this set
100 Pull
50 Fr uptempo (think red pace)
75 Pull
50 Fr uptempo
50 Pull
50 Fr uptempo
25 Pull
50 Fr uptempo
75 Fr on rest :20
50 Fr on rest :15
50 Fr on rest :10
25 Fr on rest :05
**For the above section, count your strokes, and maintain per 25 throughout the entire broken 200. Focused efficiency is the key**

50 EZ on rest 1:00

2400 + WD