11/29 Tri Swim Practice

Multi-tier main set for today-first a little alternating speed work, followed by some pace work to finish up practice. Enjoy 🙂

WU-200 Fr

2 x {2×100 Fr on Rest :20 (lengthen out, finishing past your hips)

{ 3×50 Fr Kick/Swim by 25 on Rest :20

Primary (Part I)

3 rounds:

4×25 alt rest :10 and :20

1×25 EZ on rest :15

4×25 alt drill/FAST on rest: 15-drill is choice; choose something that benefits YOU

1×25 Fr EZ on rest :15

Primary (Part II)

6×50 Fr on rest :15-goal is to hold Red pace/85% effort. Best correlation is this pace is equivalent to your 1 loop pace at either Crystal or Warners….you should not be gassing out by the last 2 50s, but it should not be pleasant.

100 Fr EZ on rest :15

4×100 pull descend 1-4 on rest :20

100 Fr EZ on rest :15

200 FR-try and take your average 50 time from the 6×50 and multiply it by 4; that is your goal time!

2750 + WD