Backstroke start challenge

Last week, the popular swim content site, SwimSwam posted a very cool video by Fitter and Faster for a fun backstroke start drill (or challenge as we came to realize) to help Backstrokers learn to get up and over the water on the entry portion of their start. After viewing the video, we thought it would be a lot of fun to try this challenge ourselves right here at The College of Saint Rose in Albany NY. After a couple (hundred) attempts, we were finally able to get a solid kick on the ball during the start. A big thank you goes out to Coach Kiersten for being a good sport and having a lot of patience with our many attempts:



This drill was great practice driving through the entire start, and made us really focus on kicking the legs up aggressively out of the water, to make the entry as smooth as possible. Thank you Fitter and Faster for creating the challenge, and SwimSwam for posting the video! You can view the original video below, with Olympians Tyler Clary and Chloe Sutton demonstrating.