Careers in Swimming

Have you ever thought about using swimming as a part of your future career? Do you
find so much passion and intrigue in the sport that you wish you could continue further than just
lessons or competitive training?

Consider a career in the water. There are so many different choices you could do!
There’s the obvious one, which is being a professional competitive swimmer. This is a tough
path to follow, however, as it takes many hours of dedication and hard work to the sport. Think
about Michael Phelps. The man spends half of his life in the water and that’s all he does. It’s
not for everyone, but hey. It could be for you!

A great career for teens and young adults, is being a lifeguard at pools, lakes, and oceans.
After some rigorous training and testing to get your lifeguard license, you can open many
avenues for yourself as far as a part-time job. Being a lifeguard teaches responsibility,
leadership, and life-saving skills. These are incredibly important skills to learn, as they will help
one in future career paths.

Another career worth pursuing in the water, or in this case out of the water, is being a
swim coach. This is a job that is incredibly worthwhile, as it involves shaping the young minds
and bodies of many individuals. Being a coach is not only exciting, but rewarding. It allows you
to use the skills you have learned over the years and share that information with others. I myself
am not a swim coach, but watching the excitement that emanates from the coaches I have had
over the years is sometimes more exciting than the actual sport.

If you are looking for a more scientific approach to your swim career, there’s always a
marine biologist. This job involves studying the Earth’s oceans and all the creatures that reside
in them. 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, imagine spending your days researching
and examining what makes the water and its ecosystems work the way they do.

Of course, the obvious choice of a career path, is to be a swim instructor at Excel
Aquatics. This is similar to a swim coach, as you are helping children and adults become better
and stronger swimmers. The best part? Becoming a part of the Excel Aquatics family!


-Taylor Casey