Definitions in Swimming (sets)

For today’s practice, you will be doing a bit of alternating between build, descend, and uptempo swimming. Building in swimming occurs within the same distance (ie a single 200), where you start off at comfortable pace, and get faster as the swim continues. Descending occurs over a set of repeats (ie 4x50s ) where each 50 must be faster than the previous one. Uptempo swimming is one consistent pace of about 75% effort, typically used to get the heart rate up a bit in order to either prepare for an upcoming set or swim, or to put forth a consistent strong pace throughout a single swim.

WU-4×100 alt Fr and choice by 100

**Choice may be another stroke, pull, kick, or a drill progression**


6×25 eyes up Freestyle on rest :15 (watch your hands to see what they are doing…focus on a deep drive up front, scooping on your catch)

3×50 Fr descend 1-3 on rest :20

4×25 eyes up Freestyle on rest :15

2×50 Fr descend 1-2 on rest :20


Primary (3 rounds)

200 Fr on rest :20 (build by 50)

150 Fr as 25 EZ/100 uptempo/25 EZ on rest :20

100 Fr on rest :20 (build by 25)

75 Fr uptempo on rest :20

3×25 Fr EZ on rest :15


2700 + WD