Excel Aquatics’ Logo

For the past 4 years, Excel Aquatics has had the opportunity to work with LaSalle Institute’s Advanced Marketing classes on a yearly basis. Each year, a group of students within the class assigned to Excel have helped with various marketing based initiatives, from branding, to community outreach within Albany NY, and even website analysis and testing. One initiative that continues to impact Excel to this very day was the official Excel logo, created by Phil Proper, class of 2016.

Every session that Excel provides swim lessons, we ALWAYS have various families inquire about the Excel logo, to which we proudly tell them about LaSalle’s contributions to Excel, as well as Phil’s amazing graphic design skills with creating our logo. Today, we wanted to give a special blog THANK YOU to not only the past 4 year’s classes for their excellent work, but also to the upcoming marketing students who we have begun working with….there are some special projects in the works, and we look forward to sharing those with all of our families in the near future!