Excel Policies-Safety First!

Pool ruleWith the start of the Fall Swimester fast approaching, we will soon have many programs operating out of various locations throughout the Capital Region. New and returning families will be making their way onto the pool decks, and as a top priority, Excel ALWAYS wants to ensure the safety of everyone.

However, we find immense value in helping everyone understand the basis behind the rules as well as what the rules actually are. In some cases (such as no running on the pool deck), the reasoning is universally understood; however, there are others that we understand may be unique compared to other activities you and your family may participate in. Here are 4 rules that we would like to highlight leading into the new session for all of our swim programs in Albany and Schenectady:

  • Swimmers must be accompanied at all times

The safety factor here is that for our Albany and Schenectady learn to swim programs, we want to make sure that your children are safe and always under the watchful eye of their parent/guardian, or a staff member. For bathroom breaks during lessons, parents/guardians are always called into the pool area to accompany their swimmer in and out of the locker rooms. After classes, children are required to wait on deck until whomever brought them to lessons picks them up, and staff are stationed at the facility exits to ensure no child leaves alone. 

  • No food allowed on the pool deck

Besides the potential for messes, the big reason behind this rule is allergies. Swimmers of all ages are especially susceptible to allergies when around the pool due to their exposed skin, as well close proximity to one another while taking classes. In order to ‘play it safe’, keeping this rule at the forefront can help avoid any potential allergic reactions while at lessons.

  • Locker Rooms

One of the best things about Excel Aquatics is our partnership with different groups, businesses, and institutions within the Capital Region, allowing us to offer lessons at various locations throughout the week. Each facility that we use has its own set of rules with regards to locker rooms. Regardless of what the rules are and how they differ from facility to facility, it is important to understand that the rules are put in place to not only keep Excel families safe and comfortable, but also any additional groups/individuals not related to Excel Aquatics comfortable and safe as well. Many of the pools that Excel uses are connected to gyms, wellness centers, hotels, and physical therapy practices. Since other families, patients, and guests may be in the vicinity as well as Excel Aquatics during scheduled lesson times, it is important to abide by each facility’s specific locker room policy to ensure a positive and safe experience for all.

  • Dry off before you leave

Depending the location of each locker room at each facility, sometimes it may take a few extra steps to get their from the pool. This is why it is important to always dry off to avoid adding extra “slip” to the floors, as well as to help keep as much water contained to the pool areas as possible.

Although these are not all of the rules that are part of our programs, they are the ones that we feel are important to highlight. We look forward to working with all of our families this Fall, and keeping everyone safe at the pool!