Excel’s Work with LaSalle Marketing Programs

Over the past 4 years, Excel Aquatics has been fortunate enough to work with, teach, and coach some excellent individuals. One program in particular that we have had the pleasure of working with for the past few years has been the LaSalle Advanced Marketing class, led by Mr. Michael Levy. Mr. Levy has been a personal friend and supporter of Excel (formerly Kevin’s Swim School) from day 1, and after becoming the head of LaSalle’s Business Department, he contacted us with the opportunity to work with his students to give them real world experience in business that impacts the Capital Region community.

At this point in our relationship with LaSalle, we would like to provide some insight on the profound impact they have had on the Excel program as a whole, young swimmers, triathletes, and coaches.

1) They helped us rebrand our program from Kevin’s Swim School to Excel Aquatics-with the growth of our children’s swim lessons came the inclusion of new programs, specifically triathlon swim training, competitive private training, and learn to dive. Like any program, we needed a name that resonated with families in the community, representing what we aimed for with our classes: highest quality of swim instruction and coaching that strives for excellence on a daily basis. The name Excel Aquatics was then born with the help of the LaSalle students, and we have not looked back ever since.

2) How Excel can best serve our families-about 2-3x per month, we visit the LaSalle students, discussing various aspects of our business. One reoccurring theme that is constantly analyzed and updated is the question of how can Excel best serve our families? Are we providing an experience that is welcoming for children of all ages? Are the triathletes and competitive swimmers receiving the level of coaching they not only expect, but deserve? Our service and reputation have become a cornerstone in our marketing effort, and the LaSalle students are continually providing insight, ideas, and suggestions to how we can better connect, serve, and improve our relationships with current and potential families.

3) Social media-in this day and age, social media has become HUGE. Seeing as how the LaSalle students are more in tune with the digital world, we have turned to them for some Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram tips, and they have helped out immensely.

4) Logos-traditional marketing help has certainly been provided over the past few years through not only flyers, pamphlets, and signs, but also a new Excel logo. Designed by Phil Proper (class of 2016), our new logo has been featured on our website, Facebook page, swim caps, and a plethora of other materials.

Finally, the most important part of our relationship has been the undeniable proof that kids/young adults are capable when provided with an opportunity to shine. Mr. Levy preaches this to his students on a day to day basis. Just because they are young, does not mean kids cannot rise to an occasion, and should be provided with opportunities to explore, learn, create, and thrive, whether it is in the “real” world of business, the pool, or the classroom.

Thank you to the LaSalle Advanced Marketing Program and Mr. Michael Levy for your continued support of Excel Aquatics. We look forward to continuing this relationship for years to come!