Fast and Effective

Here is a practice focusing on swimming FAST on decreasing repeats…the goal for the primary is to hold the fastest possible pace for the entire round (ie don’t sprint the beginning only to gas out in the end). A good way to control your pacing is both by time and counting your strokes. Enjoy…

WU-200 Fr/200 Pull/200 Drill/Swim by 25 (swimmer’s choice of drill)

3×100 Fr as a 75 descend/5 seconds rest/25 uptempo. After the 25, take 20 seconds rest before the start of the next 100.


13×50 as-

4×50 Fr/1x50EZ/3×50 Fr/1×50 EZ/2×50 Fr/1×50 EZ/1×50 Fr

**Take :20 rest after each 50, including the easy. In order to get the most out of the set, do not take additional rest after each easy 50. Stay on the rest interval, and try and stay consistent with the 50s Fr holding the fastest possible pace. For anyone who competes/races during the winter, the goal is the equivalent of your 200 race pace.

200 Pull active recovery

2 rounds of:

16×25 Fr as

4×25 Fr/1×25 EZ/3×25 Fr/1×25 EZ/2×25 Fr/1×25 EZ/1×25 Fr/3×25 EZ

**Same principle for the 25s as the 50s….hold fastest possible pace. Each 25 is on rest :15.

2550 + WD