First November Practice!

With lots of candy to be eaten from Halloween, here is a practice to make you feel a little less guilty….

WU-300 as 100 Fr/50 pull x2
8×75 Fr on :20 rest as-
2-Freestyle breathing to your less comfortable side the middle 25 of each 75
2-Head up Freestyle watching your hand entry position the middle 25 of each 75
Go through the above patter twice
8×25 on :15 rest as
2-head up Freestyle (same as above)
2-stroke count
2-head up Freestyle
2-build to fast
3 rounds of:
3×100 Fr on rest :30 hold consistent time
3×50 pull on rest :15
**For rounds 2-3, the goal is to try and drop 2-3 seconds for the 100s, ie round 1 hold 1:20 per 100, round 2 hold 1:17, and round 3 hold 1:15. Be sure to start off at a pace you are able to maintain in order to get the most out of the set**
2450 + WD