Focused changes practice….

Another Wednesday practice working on focused changes….

WU-4×100 as 50 Fr/50 pull on rest :20

Preset-2 rounds of:

25 Kick on rest :30

50 Fr EZ on rest :20

25 Kick on rest :30

50 Fr moderate on rest :20

25 Kick on rest :30

50 Fr uptempo on rest :20


Primary (2 rounds)

**The goal on this set is to choose one specific drill per round and look to apply the technical change you are focusing on during the varying speed portions of the set. Make sure the drill has a specific application to the whole stroke. Remember-never do a drill just to do a drill; it MUST apply to a change you want to make in the whole stroke

2×100 Fr on :20 rest long and strong

4×75 Fr on :30 rest as 25 Fr Drill/25 Fr EZ/25 Fr uptempo

6×50 on rest :20 alt Fast/EZ and EZ/Fast by 25

8×25 on rest :20 as descend 1-3, 4 Drill x 2

Rest 1:00 between rounds

Total: 2850 + WD