Holiday Gift Ideas for Swimmers

As we near the end of the year, we find ourselves at the holiday season. Now, if you are
anything like myself, you are fantastic at procrastinating and scrambling to find a last-minute gift
for someone in your life. Well, from one procrastinator to another, here is a list of gift ideas for
the swimmer in your life.

1. Swim suits: if you know your swimmer’s size, and want to give them something you
know they’ll use, a swim suit is always a safe bet. Especially around this time of year,
you can find great sales at online stores.

2. Caps and Goggles: looking to find something creative, but not hurting your wallet?
Colorful and wacky caps and goggles are always a fun way to say, “hey, when you’re
swimming a bazillion laps, at least there’s a cute picture of a duck on your head.”

3. Underwater MP3 player: this can be a little more expensive, but if you’re looking to treat
your swimmer (or yourself), this is the thing to buy. Swimming can get boring and
sometimes you need to shake things up when you’re doing laps. Having music playing is
a great way to motivate and distract yourself.

4. Special Swimming Shampoo and Conditioner: no one likes dry hair and an itchy scalp
after swimming for so long. Plus, if you find a good one, it helps your hair smell nice.
5. Gift Certificate for a Spa/Massage: swimming is hard work, especially on your muscles.
Treat your swimmer to a lovely day out of rest and relaxation.

There are plenty of other great gifts you could get your swimmer for the holiday season,
but these are some that I know I wish I had gotten in the past. From the Excel family to yours,
have a wonderful holiday break, and don’t forget to swim every once and a while!

-Taylor C.