Importance of Swimming

Here at Excel, we strive to do our best to teach people of all ages the basics of swimming.  Whether it be for children, adults, triathletes, and even those looking to swim more competitively.  Swimming is an incredibly versatile skill that everyone should take advantage of learning.
Along with being one of the best exercises to help you stay in shape, swimming also improves your heart and lung capacity.  The constant moving of your whole body gets the heart beating, even if you’re just doing a couple of brisk laps.  Even better, it’s not as hard on your joints as running laps.  Swimming works your core, arms, hips and legs to give you a well-rounded work out while giving your body the comfort of being in the water.  With every stroke you are building muscles that you couldn’t build with other aerobic exercises.  It can also improve your mental health, help you lose and maintain weight, and help you live longer.

With any type of exercise, swimming is a great way to keep a strong head on your shoulders.  Exercise is scientifically proven to help improve one’s mood by releasing endorphins (happy hormones), and reducing stress.  Even just a light swim can relax you, it doesn’t have to be anything too crazy.
Of course, the most important reason you should learn how to swim, is that it is just one of the basic survival skills a person should have in their life.  The Earth is 71% water; which if you think about it, is quite a lot.  Whether it be oceans, lakes, or pools, knowing how to swim can make life that much more enjoyable and safe.  This is especially the case with young children.  Drowning is one of the most common causes of accidental death in children.  While it is common, it is also easily preventable by just learning the basics on how to keep yourself afloat.

Along with the health and life benefits that swimming offers, there is also a sense of community within swim teams and programs.  Groups of people with a common goal tend to bond over things like exercise.  Whether it be about how tough a practice was, or how good they felt during that one set.  The bonds that can be forged within swimming is not only good for young children, but even adults.

Overall, swimming is a great thing to do for your mind, body and soul.  The greatest part?  Everyone can learn how to swim just like everyone can learn how to walk and talk.  Once you know how to swim, you’ll be able to swim for the rest of your life. You don’t have to be Michael Phelps or Katie Ledecky, you just need to have the right attitude, and the drive to learn something new.

-Taylor Casey