The importance of water safety

While swimming can be enjoyable and great exercise, it is important to remember that we must be cautious and careful always.  Whether it’s at a pool, ocean or lake, it is important to follow a simple set of rules to stay safe.

Here at Excel, we have what we like to call, the Five Major Keys to Success (otherwise known as basic water safety).

  1. Never swim alone
  2. Follow the directions of the lifeguards/adults
  3. No running, pushing, diving or horseplay on the pool deck
  4. Know the basics of swimming
  5. Call for help if you are in trouble

Simple, right?  Along with these keys to success, it is important to know the environment where you are swimming.

If you’re swimming at pool, make sure you understand the rules and regulations of said pool.  While many rules will be the same at every pool, there might be some that pertain to the specific pool in question.  Some basic rules at pools include: not diving in the shallow end, swim only in designated areas, and swim only where you are comfortable.  Many times, adults and children believe that the deep end is not that deep.  Well, if you don’t know how to properly swim, that end becomes mighty deep.  So, just be aware of the rules of a pool and you should be safe.

Of course, Excel aquatics is not taught in either an ocean or a lake, but it is still important to understand the dangers that they pose to the unexperienced swimmer.  Oceans, for one thing are vast and always changing during the day.  Currents, riptides, unwanted sea creatures, and the effects of low and high tide are always something to take into consideration.  For the oceans, essentially, the same rules of pools apply here.  Always swim in the view of the lifeguard, have a buddy, and only swim where you are comfortable.

Lakes are a pleasant medium between pools and oceans, but can still be as dangerous.  Never dive off a dock into a lake, as the bottom will come up quicker than you realize.  Again, I cannot stress how much you should swim with a buddy if you are traversing any of these bodies of water.  Even the most experienced swimmers know that it is important that someone knows your location while swimming, because things can get dangerous in a matter of seconds.

I don’t mean to leave this off on a scary note, but it is both incredibly important for both adults and children to know that swimming can be pretty serious.  If all else fails, just remember to wear a life jacket!

-Taylor Casey