June 2018 Monthly Belly Flop!



June 2018

July Tri Swim Drop in Dates

Once again for the month of July, Excel will be offering a variety of morning and evening swim practices at the College of Saint Rose in Albany. These practices are of the Get FAST genre, and are registered for per class for $15 each.

Morning Practices from 6am-7am
7/2, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23

Evening Practices from 6pm-7pm
7/11, 7/18, 7/25

To register or to find out more information regarding our Tri Swim practices, click HERE.

At Home Swim Lessons-Our School at Your Pool
With the weather finally cooperating, Excel instructors have begun teaching at home swim lessons! We are currently able to serve Albany, Schenectady, Clifton Park, Saratoga, and beyond. Email us today at [email protected] to schedule your child’s first lesson!

Fall Schedule Update
Per our yearly schedule, we plan on releasing our Fall 2018 class schedule mid July, with registration opening early August. Be on the lookout for specific dates for each coming soon!

Summer Fast Track Update
While our Sunday Summer session is currently filled, there are still a couple of slots available for Weeks 2 and 3 of our Fast Track weekday program at the College of Saint Rose.

To view the currently available slots in real time or to find out more information about the Fast Track Program, click HERE.

Instructor Profile-Coach Nikos

Coach Nikos is a former standout swimmer in the Capitol District, swimming for both Shaker High School and Clarkson University. He specialized in sprint freestyle, and was a state qualifier and section 2 finalist as a senior in high school. Upon graduating from Clarkson in the spring of this year, Nikos moved back to the area to pursue a career in Supply Chain/Project Management. In his short time with Excel, Coach Nikos has made an immediate impact working with both the pre-competitive and triathlete swimmers. You can find Coach Nikos at both our Albany and Schenectady locations!

Swim Shop!

Excel is excited to offer various shirts/gear designed by our very own Gabi Ficano! Currently we have t-shirts and hoodies on sale. All articles of clothing can be viewed and purchased directly through our website, HERE.

Summer Safety Tips!

After a dismal and never-ending winter, it appears that Mother Nature has decided to give us warm weather once more.  With the bonus that the ending of school is right around the corner as well, the promises of relaxing by the pool and soaking up the sun is at our fingertips.  While hanging by the pool is a typically calm and easy thing to do, it would not be right if we at Excel did not mention some easy tips to stay safe and make the fun last.

  1. Always have a buddy or someone who knows you are going into a pool.  Because anything can happen at a private or public pool, it’s important that there is someone other than yourself who knows your location.  We recommend this rule especially to younger children and those who aren’t the strongest swimmers.
  2. NEVER go into a pool when it’s thundering.  Thunder means lightning. Lightning means electricity pulsing through the ground.  Pools are part of the ground. It’s one of the most basic tips for summer swimming, and it really is the rule you should always follow.  Remember, it does not matter how far away the storm is, it’s better safe than sorry.
  3. Make sure there is a lifeguard or adult watching an overcrowded pool.  If you’re going to a public pool, there will of course be a lifeguard, but the same type of dangers can be present at private pools as well.  Even if you know your child is a strong swimmer, that doesn’t mean that they are not at risk. So, make sure that when your child goes swimming, you keep half an eye on them.
  4. Sunscreen is your best friend.  Sun poisoning is real, my friends, and spending your afternoons in water cannot keep you safe from the sun’s rays.  Water reflects light and many times sunburns from the reflection are just as bad if not worse than the actual sun. Even if you are sitting in the shade, it’s best to make sure you have just a little bit of sun cream on.
  5. Swim only where you are comfortable.  Speaking from experience, far too many times have I seen young children attempt to swim out further and deeper than they should because they are too eager to better themselves at swimming.  This is all well and good but doing this can lead to danger and potential issues. If you can’t swim that far yet, it’s okay and you will get to that level eventually.

The most important tip is to have fun.  Summer doesn’t last forever and soon it will be September again and most of us will be back to work and school.  So as the school year ends and summer begins, remember these easy tips and enjoy the sun and fun.

-Taylor Casey

June 20th Tri Swim Practice

WU-50 Fr-100 Fr-150 Fr-200 Fr on rest :20/:15/:10/-

8×50 on rest :30 alternating as odds-kick/swim and evens-drill/swim. Be sure to pick a drill that relates to you!

3×100 on rest :20 as 75 build/5 seconds rest/25 uptempo


{25 Fr on rest :20 FAST
{50 Fr on rest :20 as long and controlled
{25 Fr on rest :20 FAST
{100 Fr on rest :10 as long and controlled


2×100 pull on rest :30 active recovery


{25 Fr on rest :20 long and controlled
{50 Fr on rest :20 uptempo
{25 Fr on rest :20 long and controlled
{100 Fr on rest :10 uptempo


2×100 pull on rest :30 active recovery

2400 + WD




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