‘Long Sprint’ (aka Distance) inspired practice

In honor of Coach Dave Salo at USC, here is a variation of one of his ‘Long Spring’ practices!


50/100/150/200 on rest :30/:20/:10/-

Pre-set (rest :20 after each swim)

50 pull + 2×25 Fr**

50 pull + 2×50 Fr**

50 pull + 2×100 Fr**

**Focus on making the second swim faster than the first….this ‘negative splitting’ with rest in between will help prepare you for the primary set, where you will be negative splitting within the same distance without rest

Primary (3 times through)

50 Fr on :20 rest as 25 long/25 uptempo

100 Fr on :20 rest as 50 long/50 uptempo

2×150 on :30 rest

First 150-75 long/75 uptempo (make sure you get your time)

Second 150-Must be :05 seconds faster than your first 150

Rest 1:00 between rounds