Memorial Day Weekend Water Safety Tips

Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start to summer is traditionally a big swimming weekend. Pool parties, barbecues, and family get togethers help create lasting memories. For anyone with a pool/access to open water, here are four water safety tips that anyone can follow to help keep everyone around water safe this weekend.

  1. Designate a lifeguard or water watcher-have someone watching the water at all times, and making sure that any children or adults in or around water are being safe and following the rules.
  2. Take precaution around the water by using fences, barriers and alarms. This way, children or adults looking to swim will only be able to access the water when it is properly supervised and safe to do so.
  3. For any non swimmers who will be around the water, be sure to use Coast Guard approved life jackets to keep them safe. Instructional swim equipment (noodles, bubble belts, kickboards) should be used for instruction only, and not as a way to keep non swimmers safe during a pool party. They are not always designed for independent buoyancy, and are not nearly as effective as approved life jackets.
  4. Educate children before the weekend-gentle reminders and rules can go a long way when trying to keep children safe around water. Explaining to your children not only what the rules are (no swimming alone, walk around the pool, no rough play, etc) but also WHY can help keep everyone safe and avoid future accidents.