New adult swim lesson format!

Over the past few years, Excel Aquatics has experienced significant growth in all of the programs we offer, but one program in particular that has recently gained momentum is our adult swim lessons at the College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY.

With most of our programs, we operate in sessions (typically 5-6 weeks), with classes being held once per week for the duration of the session. After one session ends, another one promptly follows. However, after 2 years of offering adult lessons, it became clear to the coaching staff that the best times to offer adult lessons created inconsistent session based schedules. Therefore, we are excited to announce that instead of offering our once per week format for adult swim lessons, we will instead be moving towards a flexible drop in format!

Why does this matter? By switching to a drop in format, adults will be able to sign up for each swim class on the day and time that best meets their scheduling needs. Also, it allows for the flexibility of adding classes during a given session if the swimmer would like to work on their skills with greater frequency. Finally, it allows us (Excel Aquatics) to add classes more frequently based on requests.

We are very optimistic about our new format, and look forward to launching it for our Late Winter 2019 session. Registration for our Adult Instructional Swim Classes officially opens on our website on October 10th!