Olympic Trials Picks Day 1

Once every 4 years, swimming jumps into the media as one of the most heavily watched Olympic sports in the world. As a coach and former swimmer, this is always AWESOME. Swim races aired on television (relevant channels at that), coverage of the journeys many of these athletes have taken to get to this point in their careers, and interviews with coaches highlighting some of the training methodologies that have worked for their elite level athletes are always some of the best parts.

In honor of the Olympic trials starting tomorrow, 6/26, we will be picking our top 2 winners per finals events, per day, with a little bit of commentary sprinkled in now and again.

Finals events-Men’s 400 IM, Men’s 400 Fr, Women’s 400 IM

Men’s 400 IM picks

1-Ryan Lochte
2-Tyler Clary

Men’s 400 Fr picks

1-Connor Jaeger
2-Townley Haas

This may be one of the most interesting events on the men’s side. With an blend of older veterans who have some considerable experience at the international level in meters, along with some younger college guys coming off of some sensational NCAA swims in March, an incredible finals race could be happening tomorrow evening.

Women’s 400 IM picks

1-Maya Dirado
2-Elizabeth Beisel

Both Dirado and Beisel have a fairly comfortable lead on the rest of the field with recent swims, so both are pretty safe picks moving forward. Who will be first and who will be second is yet to be decided, however…

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