Open water swim season is here!

This week begins the 2018 open water swim season here in the Capital Region. This Thursday, 5/31, the Bethlehem Tri Club will be having their first open water swim session of the year at Warner’s Lake, and one week from today, June 5th, the Capital District Tri Club will be having their first open water training session of the year at Crystal Lake. In order to be fully prepared for your first swim, here are a few reminders to allow for a smooth transition into one of the most exciting times of the year!

      1. Pack your swim gear early-be sure to make a list of the items you know you will be using, and pack everything the night before to avoid any mishaps. Our list always includes a wetsuit (this time of year especially), 2 caps (in case one rips), a swim suit to wear under the wetsuit, open water swim goggles, 2 towels, an extra pair of goggles, glide, and a swim bag to put everything in.
      2. Keep extra equipment in your car-an extra swim suit, goggles, towel, and cap in the back of your trunk never hurts! Its always good to keep an extra for yourself, or potentially a friend in need.
      3. Give yourself time for the first day, especially if you are new-arriving early is never a bad thing, especially if you are newer to open water swimming. Giving yourself time to change, get a lay of the land, and socialize a bit always makes for a better overall experience.
      4. Find a mentor, or plan your swim with friends-it is always more enjoyable to swim with others in the open water. If you are newer to open water, seek out a mentor or coach to help you during those first couple of weeks to help guide you through your first swims, and teach you the nuances of the open water compared to the pool. If you are a seasoned open water swimmer, plan your training loops with some friends to help push and keep you motivated throughout each swim.
      5. Have fun-the open water swim season is a small window of time each year of about 3 months. It goes quick, so enjoy each swim 🙂