Practice for 8/30

Here is another swim practice for those still training for triathlons coming up over the next couple of weeks…

WU-100 fr/100 kick ( no board)/100 free


300 pull on rest :30 (descend by 100)
3x (2×100 @ mile pace on rest :20 + 50 fr ez on rest :30)

Rest 1:00

200 pull on rest :30 (negative split)
3x (4×50 @ mile pace -1 on rest :20 + 100 fr ez on rest :30)

Rest 1:00

Active warmdown with a purpose

Ladder 50-100-150-200-150-100-50

50s and 150s are pull on rest :20
100s and 200 are swim on rest. :20
**Choose 2 stroke changes to focus on, switch after the 200**

The focus on the practice is of course pacing (the cornerstone of Excel swim training), with a bit of descend/negative split work leading up the pacing segments. One aspect of practices that we have started tinkering around with is severely limiting the warmup to emulate more of a race situation in open water where warmup is also very limited, and also incorporating a small build/descend swim leading into the primary, as we like to focus on building into races as opposed to starting out too fast and attempting to hang on.

As always, if anyone has any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]….even if we have not yet met, I’d love the opportunity to explain the rational, verbiage, etc from this practice and answer any questions about swimming you may have.