Pre-competitive Swim Training at Excel Aquatics

The key to competitive swimming is proper training! – Swim Better, Swim Faster

Swimming is a great way to exercise but it is also a great outlet for competition on both an individual and team level. Introducing young athletes to the world of competitive swimming can be the next step
after having progressed beyond swim lessons.

The pre-competitive programs at Excel Aquatics are designed to continue developing the skills necessary for a swimmer interested in joining the world of competitive swimming in a safe, supportive environment without the full commitment of joining a team. Swimmers are taught all four competitive strokes by our coaching staff, who teach both in and out of the water.


Practice makes perfect, something all athletes will attest to. At Excel Aquatics we understand that technique is very important which is why it is a major focus of our pre-competitive program. Our small, personalized practices are designed to help develop the swim strokes used in competition. We keep to this personalized environment so swimmers can get the most out of their instruction and learn at their own

We focus on the 4 competitive strokes:
 Freestyle
 Backstroke
 Breaststroke
 Butterfly

Moving Forward

Providing this foundation allows swimmers to make the jump to competitive swim teams, should they choose. Our coaching staff takes a lot of pride working with our swimmers, and teaching them the right way to swim in a fun, friendly environment.

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