Recap of Global Business Education Initiative at LaSalle Institute

Last Monday, March 9th 2020, Excel Aquatics had the opportunity to participate in the Global Business Education Initiative (GBEI) at LaSalle Institute in Troy NY. This conference was a phenomenal experience that included businesses from around the world, students and staff at LaSalle, as well as some LaSalle alumni from within the Capital Region. 

Over the last 7 years, at LaSalle Institute, the Business Program has been bringing the classroom into the real world by providing real world opportunities to the students of the marketing classes. The marketing students at LaSalle, work on projects from companies around the world. As of March 9, 2020, the marketing students at LaSalle have worked with over 60 companies in 13 countries. 

How long has Excel Aquatics been involved with the LaSalle business programs?

Excel Aquatics have been working with LaSalle students since the Spring of 2013. Each year, Excel Program Director and Owner Kevin Kearney works with the students on specific initiatives that are relevant to where Excel Aquatics is in its growth and development as a company. Each year, the students have continued to impress with their ideas and skills, helping Excel Aquatics to improve its marketing and business over the years.

What type of work has been done by the students at LaSalle over the past 7 years?

Past initiatives have included re-branding the company as program offerings evolved, analyzing the data from surveys taken at each program location, developing and maintaining digital online content, and currently exploring the various uses of social media marketing among each platform. As a specific example, the Excel Aquatics logo was designed in 2013/2014 by LaSalle alumnus, Phillip Proper. The work that the LaSalle students have done for Excel is a true testament to the value of the marketing department’s philosophy of bringing the real world into the classroom.

What was the setup of the GBEI?

Small Group Discussion with Students at GBEI

The GBEI was structured into two distinct parts to best benefit the students. The first was a general panel discussion with all of the speakers. During this section, the business leaders all introduced themselves and their respective businesses to the students and faculty, then went on to answer questions provided by the students.
The second half of the conference involved small round table discussions with groups of students (6-7 each), discussing the importance and impact on a global mindset for business, its impact on education, and how it could be implemented on a small to large scale.

Who were some of the other businesses at the GBEI?

Along with working with the students, meeting the other businesses, learning more about the entrepreneurs themselves and their stories was a highlight of the day. We highly recommended checking both the local and international businesses on this list:


After almost 7 years of involvement with the business program at LaSalle, it was amazing to see the culmination of Mike Levy’s efforts with his students in the form of a global conference. Thank you to Mike, the students and staff at LaSalle, and the participating businesses on such an amazing experience. We at Excel look forward to next year’s conference and our continual involvement with the students.