Summer Water Safety

Pool ruleSummer is here, and with that comes lots of swimming and fun in the sun! Anytime water is involved, it is important to be aware of basic water safety tips to keep both yourself, and those around you safe. Here are 5 tips that Excel Aquatics recommends all swimmers and family members (from beginner to competitive) all follow:

  1. Never swim alone: this is a universal swimming rule that goes for both pools and open water! For children playing in a pool, it is always recommended that at least 1 adult be a designated ‘water watcher’ to make sure there is always a watchful eye monitoring the kids. For those who have access to private entry open water (ie lake front property), it is highly recommended that when swimming, you should have a kayaker paddling close by with necessary life saving equipment and coast guard approved life jackets (wearing one and with a second one on hand for you). 
  2. Fences and alarm systems for home pools: for any home pool (particularly for homes with children), installing properly locked fencing around the pool, as well as pool alarms that provide an alert when movement is detected can help add extra layers of safety for your children to prevent any accidental access to the water.
  3. Be careful of the weather: between the dangers of sunburn and potential thunderstorms, monitoring the weather and taking the appropriate precautions can go a long way when spending time in the pool. Sunscreen application/reapplication, wearing protective clothing (layers, hats, sunglasses) and taking breaks from sun exposure can all help keep your skin healthy. Monitoring the weather forecasts and being diligent at the first sign of a storm can keep you safe from the potential danger of being in water during an electrical storm. 
  4. Be cool and follow the rules: by now most swimmers have heard this saying, but its often easy to forget what rules help keep us safe around the pool. Always walking, keeping your hands to yourself (no horseplay), and watching out for not only yourself but also the swimmers around you can help keep everyone save from easily avoidable accidents that can occur near/in water.
  5. Avoid extended breath holding: while swimming underwater can be fun, excessive breath holding can be dangerous, and lead to shallow water blackout. Recent studies show the dangers of passing out in water (even at minimal depths) that come with breath holding. Even in backyard pools, be careful how long you or those you are swimming with are underwater for. 

When the proper precautions are taken, swimming in the summer is a great activity that can be a lot of fun. Be safe, educate yourself, and enjoy the water and sun!