Swim Practice 12/19-active rest and fast pace

Our second to last swim practice of the year! A very brief warm up and fast primary makes for a different challenge in terms of structure and focus

WU-400 swim as 150 Fr/50 drill x 2


3x [150 Fr + 50 EZ on rest :30]
**Descend the 150s 1-3. Use the section of the primary set as a ‘pre-set’ to help prepare you for the next two blocks

3x [2×100 uptempo on rest :20 + 50 EZ on rest :30
**Goal is to keep the 100s the same time

6x [50 FAST + 50 EZ on rest :30
**Hold fastest pace possible on the fast 50s

2350 + WD

Also don’t forget we have holiday drop in practices on 12/27 and 1/3. Registration is open on our website!