Swim Practice 2/21

WU-3×100 Fr on rest :15

6×50 Fr on rest :20 as odds-25 Right arm only/25 Left arm only; evens whole stroke Freestyle

12×25 Fr as 1 kick/3 swim on rest :15

**For this warmup, focus on the legs, and what they are doing to help you balance. For the 3x100s at an easy, relaxed pace, see how little effort you can put into kicking while staying in line. For the 6x50s (particularly single arm), feel how your kick helps you balance when one arm is eliminated, and then when swimming whole stroke. For the 25s, work to keep the same steady kick while swimming 25s 2-4 that you have on #1**


4 x {*125 Fr on rest :10 + 75 Fr uptempo on rest :30

100 EZ

3 x {*100 Fr on rest :10 + 50 Fr uptempto on rest :20

100 EZ

2 x {*75 Fr on rest :10 +25 Fr uptempo on rest :10

100 EZ

1 x 50 WD

*For these swims, the goal is to swim at a comfortable pace slightly faster than warmup (white pace or zone 1). Given the limited rest of :10, it is important to control your legs and your rhythm early in the set. This way, the uptempos can be a stronger and consistently faster speed

Total: 2700