Swim Practice January 31st-Controllable Progress

Many times in the sport of swimming, it is very easy to get overwhelmed when focusing too much on times and looking past the other avenues of improvement that are within your control on a daily basis. By looking at each practice one at a time, and setting small goals within, improvement can become much more consistent, recognized, and controllable.

For today’s practice, we would like everyone to focus on one single non time based goal that is within your control. This can be working to form a habit of streamlining off of every wall, to building every swim to get more comfortable controlling your speed and effort level, or working towards a specific stroke change at various points within the practice. Make your goal applicable to you, and give yourself the opportunity not only enjoy your training a bit more, but to recognize and appreciate the effort and improvement of your training day to day.

WU-400 Fr, every 4th length kick

2 x

{150Fr pull on rest :20 Breathe every 3
{100 Fr pull on rest :10
{50 Fr pull fast on rest :30

Primary (Broken 1650 as 150s)

3×150 moderate/EZ/moderate by 100 on rest :20-think about swimming TALL. Be sure to get times for all three 150s

50 Fr EZ on rest :30

4 x {2×150 Fr on rest :20, hold the average of your first and third 150s from above

{50 Fr on rest :30, active recovery with a purpose. Focus on ONE change that you would like to make and make         small adjustments during this 50 to achieve that change.

2900 + WD

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