Swim Practice for Tri Swimmers

Over the past few days, Excel has been hard at work with our collegiate competitive swimmers who are home during winter break. That being, said, we have gotten some AWESOME feedback and encouragement with those practices from our triathlon swimmers. So, as a little holiday gift, here is a practice for our triathletes who want to stay in the water during winter break as well!

Warmup: 300 Fr

10×50 on rest :15 as

odds-25 Bk/25 Fr

evens-25 Fr/25 Bk

**Goal here is to stretch out the shoulders in both directions


16×25 on :30 or :35 as 4 pull with buoy/4 full stroke Fr with a strong, tight kick

Primary set

4x [100 Fr uptempo (70% effort) + 50 Fr EZ on rest :30]

100 active recovery

3x [75 Fr uptempo (85% effort-faster pace than the 100s) + 25 EZ on rest :30]

100 active recovery

8×25 on :30 or :35 as 95% effort (faster pace than the 75s)

Warmdown 200+


-Coach Kevin