Thank you for a great 2019!

After such an amazing year at Excel Aquatics, we wanted to cap off some of our favorite memories with 9 photos from 2019. 


1. Coaches Brenna, Laura, and Kiersten of our Thursday crew trying to encourage Coach Nikos to get in the photo with them (after about 5 minutes of prodding it worked).

2. The “swim discussion about our goals to replace the kick set of the day”…unfortunately this was a practice that Frank B. missed

3. Rainbow outdoor morning summer swim with our triathletes…an absolutely phenomenal string of practices and training environment. We look forward to resuming our outdoor morning swims in the summer of 2020.

4. The rare tag team of Coach Thomas and Coach Kevin at weekday swim lessons. Lots of laughs and fun when these two are working together.

5. The “collage within a collage” of Coach Liam. No Excel collage post would be complete without Coach Liam, and no Excel post will ever break the previous most “likes” record unless contains a picture of Coach Liam. Awesome coach and even better person!

6. Tim Cabasino, aka the president of Long Beach, national lifeguard team member and former Division 1 swimmer gave us some excellent ocean swimming tips during the summer. We look forward to seeing him again next year, and maybe even convincing him to teach a clinic here in upstate NY….

7. Rachael A successfully DOMINATED the Lake George open water 10k……without a wetsuit. All of her training during the winter paid off in a HUGE way, and we couldn’t be more proud of her!

8. Coach Kiersten and Coach Zach always step up and do an awesome job with our weekday and weekend lesson programs. Both were MVPs all of 2019, and Excel is fortunate to have them as a part of our staff and family.

9. Last but certainly not least, the legendary Coach Matt…super high energy, enthusiasm, and really super high energy are 3 phrases to describe his teaching style. Coach Matt essentially made our summer 2019 programs run, and we look forward to his triumphant return in 2020.

Thank you to everyone who helped shape in Excel Aquatics in 2019. We look forward to an even better 2020, and continuing our mission of providing the best possible Aquatic Programming in the Capital Region!