Thanksgiving Swim Practice 11/21

Have a guilt-free Thanksgiving with this special swim practice on a holiday week!

WU-4×100 Fr on rest :30/:20/:10/- focusing on distance per stroke
**Count your strokes per 25 and try and stay consistent throughout each of the 4x100s, even with the decreasing rest

6×25 alternating odds-choice drill evens-full stroke Freestyle on rest :20
3×50 Fr descend 1-3 on rest :20
3×100 Fr on rest :20-hit the SAME TIME per 100
8×25 on rest :20 build each 25

2 rounds of:
300 negative split as 150 pull/150 Fr on rest :30
2 x {100 Fr on rest :20-first and last 25 FAST, middle 50 distance per stroke
{50 pull on rest :15-control your breathing

2400 + WD

Also, a huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone who is part of our tri swim program. All of the coaches having enjoyed the past few years of training, and working with each and every swimmer who has walked onto the pool deck. Being part of your journey is something that we do not take lightly, and we look forward to more fast swimming to finish off 2018!