Ways for beginner swimmers to improve DURING break

Twice per year, namely at the end of August, and the end of December, Excel Aquatics takes a brief 3-4 week break in between sessions. Although we are not teaching lessons during this time, we always have a few families of beginner swimmers ask what they can do, if anything at all, to help their child continue to maintain, if not improve their beginning swimming skills in preparation for our next session. Here are a few tips that we always share-

1) Goggles-if you have a pair of goggles, let your child play with them! Wearing their goggles out of the pool, even to play with, helps the child become comfortable wearing the goggles and having them over their eyes. This comfort translates once the child is back in lessons.

2) Fun in the bath-many of the beginner skills that we work on at Excel can be reinforced during bath time. Bubble blowing, making “little splashes” with the feet, and even attempting to get the face a little bit wet are all great ways to keep your child comfortable in the water, and familiar with the skills they work on during lessons!

3) Talking-simply talking about swim lessons and focusing on what your child enjoys about going to classes can help increase their comfort level with swimming? Is it the game of red light/green light that they enjoy, or the silly instructor? Or maybe its the lollipop they get at the end of each class? Regardless of the reason, focus on the positive aspects of lessons that your child enjoys.

Just like any other skill, it’s important to remember that children will excel in swimming lessons when they have the opportunity to not only practice what they have learned, but also enjoy what they are doing. Children build confidence and skills in the water during Excel’s swim lessons, but can continue to improve out of the pool during break as well!