Excel Aquatics: Beginner friendly learn to swim program

Over the years Excel has evolved into a multi level program with the goal of provided the highest quality swim lessons possible for families in Albany and Schenectady. Although our curriculum has changed and improved over the time, we have always made it a priority to be a program that helps cater to beginner children who are new to swim lessons. Three ways we have helped ensure this goal at all of our locations is through our small class sizes, great staff, and customized curriculum.

Small classes-as any teacher will tell you, there is more learning and individualized attention with a smaller class size, and swim lessons are no exception. Here at Excel, we guarantee a maximum class size of 4:1, but most often, we keep our classes even smaller to help ensure the attention necessary for each child to have a successful lesson. For beginners, this is imperative because within any new environment comes challenges and fears that can be overcome with a little extra attention.

Excellent staff-with our staff being comprised of teachers, competitive swimmers, and coaches, we take great pride in our diverse and experienced instructors working with each and every child. For beginners, finding the right personality matches can be key, and having a pool of instructors to choose from makes the likelihood of new swimmers taking to the water even higher. Our instructors also do a fantastic job of recognizing and addressing the fears and apprehensions of new swimmers, as well as communicating with their families recommendations to help the child learn to enjoy swim lessons, and have fun!

Customized curriculum-the Excel program uses our own, one of a kind curriculum that allows us to offer a variety of swimming options for every child learning to swim. For beginners, our emphasis on water comfort and acclimation is key at the start of a new swimmer’s journey. If a child learns to enjoy and look forward to lessons on a weekly basis, their progress from week to week and session to session will increase dramatically, but it is very important to take care of this step first and foremost. This is why our curriculum specifically calls for swimmers in our lower groups to work on water comfort on a daily basis.

Thinking of having your beginner swimmer join Excel Aquatics’ upcoming session of lessons in Albany or Schenectady? Contact us today for more information-we would love to hear from you!