Learning to swim is for everyone!

A lot of the time, there is the assumption that learning to swim is geared for young children. While that is ideal, as cognitive learning skills are developing and it is much easier for them to learn, that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to swim as an adult.

Life happens, we all know that. Sometimes swim lessons when you’re younger aren’t in your schedule, or you have never been in a circumstance where you needed to know how to swim. As mentioned before, the Excel crew and myself are very passionate about teaching others how to swim. It is a skill that allows for extra mobility, safety, and all-around enjoyment. As well as this, there is nothing more rewarding than learning a new skill and implementing that in the real world.

There of course lies the concern about being too old to want to learn how to swim. It might even be embarrassing for some. This is never the case with Excel. We encourage everyone to learn to swim, and with the help of our small class sizes, it becomes a fun and easy task to take on. I’ve mentioned before that swimming is an important skill to learn and is something that remains with you throughout your life. What could be better than that?

-Taylor Casey