Water Safety for Children

At Excel Aquatics

We offer certified lifeguard rental services.Being able to swim is a life-saving skill for children and adults alike but, unfortunately just knowing how to swim does not always prevent accidents. It is important for parents and children to remember that taking lessons isn’t a catch all to water safety, as no one is “drown-proof”. 

The instructors at Excel Aquatics are focused on teaching water safety habits to their swimmers throughout the different levels of our curriculum. Instilling confidence in the water, teaching children how to handle themselves and interact with others while in the water are important foundations to build in young swimmers and it is important for those foundations to be reinforced by parents. 

At Home

Always pay attention to children around water! Never leave a child unattended in or around water.

Help to Develop and Reinforce Water Safety at Home:

  • Eliminate distractions when around water. Get rid of the phone, it can wait!
  • Learn CPR and have the instructions available at home.
  • Keep rescue equipment and a first aid kit by your pool.
  • Keep toys that may draw children to the pool out of the area.

Learn More

National Safety Council: http://www.nsc.org/learn/safety-knowledge/Pages/news-and-resources-water-safety.aspx

Safe Kids Worldwide https://www.safekids.org/water-safety 

May is National Water Safety Month! Learn more here {http://www.nationalwatersafetymonth.org/