Ways Our Lessons Keep Your Swimmers Safe!

Like any learn to swim program, there can be A LOT of moving parts during any given class. From lining up the swimmers at the start of class to the lessons themselves, Excel Aquatics always keeps safety at the forefront with these basic and effective procedures:

1. Lifeguards and Extra Staff

Along with our instructors in the water, Excel always has at least 1 certified lifeguard on the pool deck along with the program director. Additionally, Excel Aquatics always has extra instructors on deck to lend a hand where it’s needed. The more watchful eyes on the deck help prevent unsafe situations from occurring in the first place.

2. Criss Cross Applesauce!

In between turns, Excel’s lower level swimmers are required to have the swimmers sitting on the side, criss cross applesauce! Instructors are taught this rule on day 1 of training, as it’s proven extremely effective to keep swimmers safe while they are not in the water with their teacher. Criss cross prevents leaning in (which can lead to falling into the pool), as well as keeps swimmers’ mouths above water (compared to hanging onto the side in between turns). 

3. Powerpacks On

In addition to criss cross applesauce, swimmers in our lower levels have their powerpacks on even when out of the water. Why? In case of lean in and fall, the powerpack (while not a lifesaving device) will buy the lifeguard and instructor a few extra seconds to grab the swimmer before they submerge. Luckily, lean in falls are extremely rare and are often prevented by our guards and extra instructional staff, but it is still important to take appropriate safety precautions.

4. Small Class Sizes

While Excel Aquatics advertises a maximum student to instructor ratio of 4:1, our average calculated class size is about 2.3 swimmers per instructor; this is not because of slot openings, but rather because of the extra staff we have in the water assisting classes, as well as capping most of our group classes to 3 students. Not only is the smaller class size more effective for learning, but it is much easier to keep all of the swimmers safe and accounted for at all times!

Swimmer safety is a paramount part of any learn to swim program, and here at Excel Aquatics we take a lot of pride in making sure all swimmers are always safe, accounted for, and enjoying their experience!