Group 4

Skill Set 1: Independent Front Kick with Rotary Breathing

*Goal is for swimmer to show they can kick with a board and no pack, breathing to the side then placing the face directly back down in the water
*Swimmer only uses a board; 1 Powerpack is optional when learning the skill, but to pass it must be done without a pack
*Stay in front of swimmer; teach ‘talk to the fish, listen to the fish”

Skill Set 2: Independent Ice Cream Scoops 25 ft

*Goal is for swimmer to scoop 25 ft unassisted; HANDS STAY UNDERWATER
*May use 1 Powerpack when teaching, but the goal is to transition to no assistance
*Always stand in front of swimmer; if swimmer’s mouth begins to submerge, pick them up

Skill Set 3: Backstroke Introduction

*Goal is for swimmer to demonstrate basic backstroke arms and kick with assistance
*Instructor should hold swimmer’s back and encourage swimmer to reach their arms while kicking
*Instructor always stands behind swimmer