Group 3

Skill Set 1: Independent Front Kick-No Pack

*Goal is for swimmer to show they can kick with a board and no pack, without instructor assisting for 25 ft
*Start with a 2 Powerpack, then move to without
*Stay in front of swimmer, if the legs and/or face sink, provide assistance

Skill Set 2: Independent Back Kick

*Goal is for swimmer to kick on their back independently for 25 ft
*Do not use a Powerpack; if assistance is needed, hold child under back
*Instructor always stands directly behind swimmer
*Eyes back, head up helps keep swimmer afloat

Skill Set 3: Independent Ice Cream Scoops

*Goal is to have swimmer scoop 10 ft independently, hands staying UNDERWATER
*Start first with 2 Powerpack, then move to without
*Emphasis on kicking helps keep swimmer afloat
*ALWAYS WATCH THE MOUTH-if swimmer begins to submerge, pick them up immediately

2 Powerpack ice cream scoops

No pack ice cream scoops