Group 2

Skill Set 1: Independent Front Kick

*Goal is for swimmer to show they can kick with a board and 3 pack, without instructor assisting
*Stay in front of swimmer, watch mouth
*Help propel if needed as the swimmer is developing independence

Skill Set 2: Super Pushoffs

*Goal is for swimmer to push off wall to instructor at least 5 ft
*Start with 3 powerpack, then work up to pushing off without a pack

Skill Set 3: Independent Back Float

*No Powerpack
*Start by assisting the swimmer by placing their head on your shoulder, your hand under their back
*Eventually move towards independence by sliding swimmer’s head off of your shoulder, and your hand off of their back
*ALWAYS WATCH THE MOUTH-if swimmer begins to submerge, pick them up immediately

Skill Set 4: Continuation of kicking, scooping, and floating

*Ties into the first 3 skill sets taught in Group 2
*Goal is swimmer scooping with a 3 Powerpack, starting with instructor assistance and eventually working towards without