Policies & Waivers

Waivers & Consent Forms

Photography Consent Form (PDF) – Download

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Lesson Policies

It is critical that all families understand the Policies and Procedures to ensure each student has a fun, rewarding, and safe experience with Excel Aquatics. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that anyone acting on your behalf in connection with the services offered at a Excel Aquatics is aware of, and complies with, the policies and procedures set forth herein.

Class Times

Each group, semi-private or private swim lesson is 30 minutes in length. Weekend lessons are held one day per week at the same time and day each week of a session. Other programs, (Learn to Dive, Summer Fast Track), Clinics and Pre-competitive classes length may be different and frequency.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is billed at the time of registration, prior to our sessions starting. Once registered, there is a non-refundable $10 fee per child that is included in the registration cost. Any cancellations prior to the session starting shall be refunded, with the exception of the $10 non-refundable fee. If tuition fees are not paid at the time of registration or alternate payment plans are not approved by the Program Director prior to the session starting, Excel Aquatics has the right to withdraw your child from the slot and open it back up to the public.

Refunds/Missed Classes

When you enroll your student in classes you are reserving a slot for your child that is in high demand. By reserving this spot you are agreeing to pay for your reserved spot independent of your child’s attendance. It is your responsibility to make sure that your vacations, appointments and other activities do not interfere with the classes for which you have enrolled. Excel Aquatics will offer no tuition refunds for classes missed for any reason with the exception of long term medical issues which must be brought to the attention of the Excel Aquatics Program Director. In addition, the $10 registration fee included in all lesson tuition is non-refundable. Due to Excel Aquatics’ financial obligations to the rented facilities and staff, no refunds may be given once a session has begun.


In the case that a facility is closed due to inclement weather or maintenance, your account will be credited for the classes cancelled due to the closure. This will be a credit, and not a refund. The credit will be applied to future tuition and cannot be converted to cash or transferred to any other party. All credits expire 1 year after the date they were applied to the account.

Methods of Payment

Electronic payments are the preferred payment methods accepted by Excel Aquatics through the portal on our website. Electronic payments include credit cards and/or debit cards. Checks and cash are accepted with prior approval from the Program Director. You are responsible for making sure your form of payment remains current. Should your form of payment lapse for any reason, your student(s) may be withdrawn from classes at the sole discretion of Excel Aquatics.

Instructor and Class Changes

We do our best to accommodate specific instructor requests. However, specific requests for instructors are not guaranteed. Instructor substitutions, modifications and changes can occur at the sole discretion of Excel Aquatics. If classes are not booked full, we reserve the right to combine classes to fill the class, or cancel with notice to all registered families.

Make-up classes

Excel Aquatics does not offer make up classes for any reason.


Please arrive early to classes. Excel Aquatics recommends you allow at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class to help you find parking, get into the facility and assist your child into swimming attire. Our classes begin and end at specific times, and want to make sure your children get the most out of the classes they attend.

Changing Areas, Restrooms, and Locker Rooms

All lesson participants and families must abide by the facility and restroom policies set forth by the facilities that Excel Aquatics rent. Depending on the facility, the policies may vary. Please check with the Program Director with any questions or concerns regarding your facilities’ policies.

Swimsuits and Swim Diapers

Anyone entering the pool is required to wear appropriate swim apparel. Street clothing is not permitted. While it is not required, we highly recommend that girls wear one-piece swimsuits. All students who are not fully potty-trained are required to wear a reusable (non- disposable) swim diaper. Disposable swim diapers (such as Lil’ Swimmers) can and should be worn under the non-disposable swim diaper. Reusable diapers have a tighter fit, which helps to avoid accidents in our pools. A swimsuit or a pair of shorts should be worn over the diaper. Even a small accident in the pool can close the pool down for as long as 24 hours. If your student is not potty-trained they will be required to wear one (1) disposable swim diaper and two (2) reusable diapers. If in doubt, PLEASE do not take the chance.

Watching Lessons in Rented Facilities

Spectators may watch from the defined viewing area during their child’s class. Spectators are not allowed in the pool area during classes except when requested by the Excel Aquatics staff. If you have questions or requests you may discuss them with the supervisory staff.


All families participating in programs offered by Excel Aquatics are expected to treat the staff and fellow customers with respect. Excel Aquatics reserves the right to refuse service and/or restrict access to the premises to anyone who engages in harassment, discrimination, or inappropriate conduct directed towards its staff and/or fellow customers.

At Home Swim Lessons

Please note that for our at home swim lesson programs, the following program policies apply:

  1. Families are required to have their waiver form signed prior to beginning classes.
  2. Payment is due at the conclusion of each class. Payment is to be digitally completed through our site HERE. Future lessons cannot be scheduled with a family that has an open balance, and Excel Aquatics reserves the right to cancel future scheduled lessons with written notice if an open balance exists.
  3. Scheduling occurs on a class by class basis agreed upon by both the family and instructor. Please keep in mind that our instructors work with many families throughout the area, and while they all do their best to provide optimal scheduling options, they need to have the availability in their schedule to offer you the class time.
  4. When a family schedules a class with an instructor, please keep in mind that the time slot (for both the lesson and travel time) is no longer available to other families and is in high demand. While there is no financial penalty for last minute cancellations from families (not related to weather or illness), instructors reserve the right to no longer service a family if the family is unable to adhere to the agreed upon schedule, resulting in last minute cancellations. While our staff is committed to providing high quality lessons and accommodating various circumstances that families may run into, habitual cancellations negatively impact our staff and their ability to maximize their classes during the summer.
  5. Classes are weather dependent, and must be postponed/cancelled for electrical storms.
  6. Excel Aquatics (instructors and staff) reserve the right to not/no longer service a family if the above policies are not adhered to.