Staff Schedule & Protocol

The success of any educational program is fully reliant on the staff and members of the organization. The goal of staffing is to provide Excel Aquatics’ families with an awesome instructional experience, every single day. In order to accomplish this goal, everyone must take ownership over the slots that they commit to on a month to month basis.

Staff Scheduling and Confirmations

Prior to each session, the staff will communicate their availability to the current Program Director. The Program Director will then create a schedule based on each staff’s availability, strengths, and history of following schedule protocol. This schedule will then be posted in the company Slack. On Mondays, the Program Director will tag individuals in messages for the upcoming week of programs (Tues-Sun). Staff must acknowledge the message to confirm they will be present and on time for the shift.

Subbing and Call Outs

If you are ill and/or unable to attend your shift, please follow the below protocol EXACTLY AS WRITTEN:

  1. As soon as you fall ill (day or night), or you are unable to attend your committed shift, please call current Program Director Kevin Kearney at (518) 221-9611. If Kevin does not pick up, then leave a message explaining the situation and follow up with a text. Just texting is not acceptable.
  2. Post in the company Slack channel (#schedule-and-confirmations) that your shift is up for grabs.
    1. If the call out is due to an illness, you are all set.
    2. If the call out is due to a scheduling conflict, you are responsible for ensuring the shift is filled. The Program Director will absolutely assist to filling the role, but it is up to you to text/DM/call other staff to ensure the slot gets filled.

Failure to follow this protocol will result in dismissal.


Shifts are scheduled with a start and end time. Staff are expected to be on the pool deck and ready to go at the start time, and are expected to be fully engaged up until the end of the shift. If there is a one time situation that you are faced with that results in tardiness, please call or text the current Program Director to let them know of the situation. Habitual tardiness will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal.