Summer At Home Lessons

Group and private swim lessons

Do you have a busy schedule during the summer, but would still like your children to learn how to swim, the right way? Excel Aquatics is proud to offer the Our School at Your Pool program! In this private lesson program, we send one of our experienced swim instructors to teach your children how to swim in the privacy of your backyard pool. At home swim lessons are 30 minutes in length, and are scheduled on a per class basis.

Benefits of At Home Swimming Lessons

Convenience of Swimming Lessons in Your Pool:
Our instructors travel to your home pool, which means no more driving to or from lessons; you save time, gas, and enjoy the convenience of having one of our instructors come to you and teach private swimming lessons at home.

Flexible Scheduling of Swimming Instruction:
You choose from the available lesson times offered by our staff that work with your schedule.

Certified Swimming Instructors:
Our instructors are CPR/Lifeguard certified, and are liability insured.

Personalized Swim Lessons:
With class sizes ranging from Private (1 student) to Group (3 students), class lessons are personalized to fit the needs of the swimmers. This means faster progress and a more effective learning environment.

Program Information

Classes and Pricing

Private Swimming Lessons:
Student to instructor ratio is 1:1. 2021 price: $50

Semi-Private Swimming Lessons:
Student to instructor ratio is 2:1. 2021 price: $60

Group Swim Lesson:
Student to instructor ratio is 3:1. 2021 price: $75


Please click the links below to access our at home lesson safety protocol, as well as our new secure payment link. Due to COVID-19 we are only accepted credit/debit card payments (no cash or check). Please use the payment button below to submit payment at the conclusion of each at home lesson.

Please note that we are currently adding families to a wait list for 2021 Summer lessons, and that lessons can only take place in private backyard pools. If you are interested or have questions, please fill out the contact form below!